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Candidate FAQ

Candidate FAQ

How long will it be until I hear feedback?
We know the wait between interviews and a response feels like an age. We also know that there’s a lot of background work going on. Decisions need to discussed and made and sometimes higher management needs to be involved in the process. We as the recruiters are sometimes as in the dark as you are when it comes to feedback. It is in our best interest to keep you as updated as possible, so don’t be wary to call us and check in if you feel out the loop.

“Surely I can do that job, the principles are the same, it’s just a different product”
Unfortunately this is not the case, companies try their utmost to employ those candidates with industry experience. It is this knowledge and understanding of the market and related products etc. that is valuable to the company and what essentially they are paying for

Will I be expected to provide referees or to undergo any background checks?
Yes, as part of the selection process candidates will be asked to provide at least two work-related referees, who you directly reported into; and are contactable by phone. References will only be conducted by members of our team or the Hiring Manager after you have given permission for your referees to be contacted. If we require any additional background checks as part of your application we will obtain your consent prior to proceeding with any of the checks

How confidential is my job application and who will see my CV?
All the consultants within YCR can view our candidate database. Your CV will never be submitted for a position before prior consent. Only those people who are directly involved in your recruitment process will have access to your application details – the relevant consultant within YCR and the Department Manager(s). Your details and your application are treated with the utmost confidentiality

How can I prepare for my interview?
The questions you will be asked will be specific to the position you have applied for. Be prepared for questions which ask you to explain your technical skills and background. We also use behavioural interviewing questions where you will be asked to provide examples of how you have demonstrated competencies in your previous roles that relate to the position. When answering these questions, you must talk about a specific situation, describe the task that you needed to complete, explain the action you took step by step and then tell us the result or outcome of that situation

What shall I wear?
Your attire depends on the position and the corporate culture of the company you are being interviewed by. As a rule, ensure that you are manicured, well groomed and have shown your attention to detail. You are at the end of the day marketing yourself as a brand. Ensure that what you represent physically is what you are representing in terms of skill set and company fit.

“How much does it cost to add me to your database?”
Nothing! It is illegal for recruitment agencies to charge candidates for their services. We keep your CV and details on file completely free of charge.

“How does a recruitment agency make money?”
Recruitment agencies are approached by companies (our clients) who do not have the time, expertise or available staff to source possible candidates for positions they have available. We then handle the recruitment process which includes advertising, shortlisting, screening, interviewing, presentation of candidates and conducting reference, criminal and credit checks. The client is then charged for any candidates that are placed with them.

How much personal information does a recruitment agency require?
The South African Labour Law and Department of Labour have strict laws in place for the operation of recruitment agencies. According to these laws any applicants applying to a recruitment agency need to submit the following information: an ID copy, driver’s licence copy, a recent payslip, all supporting documentation for all qualifications and most importantly, a signed consent form which gives the agency your legal permission to market your details to potential employers.

Recruitment agencies who are registered with the Department of Labour are audited annually to ensure that every applicant has completed and signed the consent form as well as submitted all required documentation. Be wary of recruitment agencies who do not ask for your signed consent as they are not following the law and could easily share your details without your knowledge. This practice is illegal as your CV should only be sent to companies with your prior consent and knowledge – you seeking another position may not be known at your present company and unbeknownst to you, your CV is beingsubmitted within the industry – this could jeopardize your current position.

There are very few agencies who are registered with the Department of Labour and those who are not may not be compliant to the laws and regulations that govern our industry. These laws are put into place to protect you and your personal information. Your full personal information does not need to be on your CV, if you aren’t comfortable with your ID number being available then maybe just state your age. If you would rather your physical address not be there then perhaps put your suburb. There are ways to protect yourself when generically submitting your CV to agencies and companies. Should your CV be picked up and the process taken to the next step, more information will then need to be required by request.

If you would like more information on this, please contact You Choose Recruit as we are registered with the Department of Labour, or contact the Department directly.

“I am bored and need a career change… I am willing to be trained….”
We hear this often, truly! Essentially if you had a business would you employ a person who is bored in their current role, was expensive, but willing to be trained? The usual answer is NO, a potential employer needs a job now, in order to be profitable. And they need it done now. They are not employing someone who needs training… why? The job needs to be done now and they will pay for that specific skill now. If you want a new career – get a new qualification, do part time work at night and weekends … and then expect to be paid as a junior, because that is where you skill and qualification skill set lies. It may pay off in the end…

What if I don’t actually want to make a move, I am just feeling fed up right now?

Sometimes it pays to get out there and see what the market is paying for your specific skills and qualifications. It also helps to see if the grass is greener on the other side. Sometimes it is…sometimes it isn’t. No harm done.


Interview Tips

Interview Tips

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