Better than Free

The fast paced world that we live in today gives businesses different and evolving challenges to face and overcome. One of these threats are the free access to information. The technology available to future clients and potential candidates is a constant threat to the meaning and reason behind our company and others like us.

We know, that what we do and how we do it, is the best but proving it to others and earning their investment is where we are constantly up against technology. So what makes us different? Why do our clients approach us and keep approaching us with their job specs? We differ from other agencies out there because we know that time is money.

For companies and enterprises looking to hire, we know the time and effort that goes into finding a suitable candidate that not only can do the prescribed job but also go over and above the expected. We know that saving you time is important, but we also know that the people in your company play a huge role in your success. We look beyond the basic job fit that candidates need to slot into, we have the experience to know which candidates go the extra mile. We make use of targeted behavioural interview techniques and we use these efficiently in choosing the perfect candidate for your organisation.

While we have the HR experience and knowledge, which is important, we also have the extra knowledge of candidate profiling. Our ads, for example, are not run of the mill ads, we put emphasis on the attributes and personality types we want to attract. We know which candidates will fit your vacancy and we know which candidates will perform.

There are numerous potential employees out there, job seekers that apply to work in your company. Our job is finding you the high calibre candidates that will grow in your company and ultimately, using their own intuitive, bring your company higher success.