Client Information


Rapid service, accurate assessments and successful placements! Our reputation is based on creating the opportunity for you to choose from the best candidates available. Our experience and understanding of the market enables us to attract the highest quality candidates.

We have recently successfully launched our new business model. We have appointed dedicated Specialist Recruiters, with the goal of delivering a faster, more efficient turnaround time. This is in line with the growing trends internationally where the speed with which we headhunt, find, source and present excellent candidates to our clients needs to be fast! In addition, there is now increased time spent at our clients premises to greater understand the needs within their business in terms of Talent (talent acquisition), and understanding Corporate Culture (retention, fit). All of our Consultants are skilled professionals who strive to deliver exceptional results by matching the right candidate to both the culture and skills required by your organization.

Our services offer personnel placement for all skilled levels. We have successfully placed every level of employee, from Executive Management to Semi-skilled Labourers

Why Choose YCR?

Why use You Choose Recruit for your recruitment needs? How we can help you?

We are passionate about delivering a personalized, professional service of the highest level, exceeding your expectations and adding value to your business.

We are knowledgeable and experienced in all avenues of recruitment and Human Resources, ensuring our candidates not only meet your required skill set, but integrate well within your corporate culture.

We strive to gain an in-depth understanding of your organisations strategic goals to ensure our candidates flourish within your company; make a valuable contribution to your organization and assist in meeting your strategic objectives. We endeavour to become an extension of your company when sourcing suitable candidates.

We offer a comprehensive, confidential and quality placement service throughout South Africa and the United Kingdom.

We have access to an internationally recognized Unique Job Fit Assessment Tool, to ensure maximum success in the placement business.

The YCR recruitment process

As our client, what can you expect from us when we start looking for candidates for you?

  1. Contact: One of our skilled team members will contact you to discuss your requirements in detail. We will gain an understanding of your corporate culture, line manager requirements, job specification requirements and all the nuances that will be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful hire.
  2. Market update: We conduct research on your market and the market related salaries that are being offered. We then provide you with an honest appraisal of market conditions, the availability of candidates, and how attractive your role and salary package are.
  3. Individual recruitment solution: Our dedicated recruiters are specialists in their field and will advise you on how they are going to go about recruiting your next hire, whether it be through referrals, networking, or advertising; they will advise you on the best course of action.
  4. Timing and delivery: A recruitment process timeline is discussed and agreed to, and you are updated throughout the project.
  5. Sourcing the best candidates: We have access to the top talent in the market through our comprehensive database, extensive networking, advertising, and keeping abreast of social media trends.
  6. Behaviour based interviewing: After determining a shortlist of candidates, we comprehensively interview these candidates through behaviour based interviews in order to determine which candidates are best suited to your organisation, on every level of requirement.
  7. Psychometric Assessments: We are able to perform an international psychometric assessment on any candidates you decide you would like to be assessed. This will help you to further determine if the candidate is best suited to your requirements.
  8. References: We are able to perform full references on your potential new employee to guarantee their credibility. This can include previous employer references, credit checks, and criminal record checks where necessary.
  9. Job Offer management: We are able to manage the entire process of Offer of Employment negotiations. We do what is necessary to ensure you secure your new hire in your ideal timescale and at the right salary level.

We are passionate about finding the right candidate for the right organisation, and as such, through comprehensive understanding of your needs, we endeavour to provide you with the best talent in the market.