London Calling

London Calling

London Royal ExchangeMAIN PICS 2

“YCR girls gone wild in London – a final recap…”

After many long weeks of planning, organizing, sleepless nights and last minute packing (yes we do need those shoes) we arrived in London! And it was freezing. As far as a Durbanite is concerned, anything under 18 is pretty cold – 8 degrees is foreign torture! We learnt to quickly to layer, wrap and never leave our gloves behind!


London was magnificent, a beautiful city with so much history and culture to explore. YCR had arrived and we were ready (with enough coats) to take it on.

London Guard at Downing Street London the Eye 


We enjoyed great success there, meeting with a number of companies and individuals open to our ideas and perspectives, and how we could help them. We spent time studying the subtle differences in the working culture, the type of candidates that we would be recruiting, getting to know our British clients and understanding their core business values and correct candidate fit we are searching for.


St. Georges Day     London Royal Exchange     London Bridge


We were met with great reception, people were open and friendly, assisting us – not only on the tube and bus routes?! – but also with the different ways that we, as a recruitment agency, could have a competitive advantage in this new market.

Learning the nuances of the British culture was an enlightening experience and also a comforting one, we learnt that people are essentially the same and we are all working towards the common goal of success. We gained great insight into our new market and we are so excited to continue growing our brand in the UK.

Being back in Sunny South Africa has been lovely, we missed the sun! But as we continue to work closely with our UK clients we are optimistic in the success of our UK branch.

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